The week that was… 18-22nd September 2017

Singapore, weekend 23-24th September 2017

A little angel seems to be giving me some extra time as this week as again a planned trip was pushed back to a later date. I am not sure if the postponements are symptomatic or just a coincidence, possibly a combination of both…in both cases however it was related to the client/ contractor needing more time to properly finish preparations to avoid having the overseas consultants flying to unfinished business. I think it is a good thing because too often I have seen clients rushing in their consultants for a quick sign off or half-baked presentations only to find out that we are not going to be bullied into signing off or accepting if it is not up to standards. I like to believe the awareness to deliver good quality, even if it means taking a bit more time, is starting to be appreciated…

This week I am pleased to welcome another guest writer, a good friend and long-time collaborator on many projects over the years, Paul McNamara, regional director for the Flos Lighting Group here in Singapore. Paul happened to be in our office on the day when we were shooting material for our corporate video last year and gracefully accepted to contribute with a little testimonial…watch Paul here.

As designers, we are often stuck in our ways and breaking out of it sometimes requires inspiration. Being inspired by creative and innovative new lighting products is one of the ways…

Breaking the Mould, by Paul McNamara

I was recently talking to an Architect friend of mine, who after completing another stunning residential house here in Singapore, was complaining that he was getting tired of doing houses and wanted to design ‘something different’. The problem he faced was that the architectural practice where he works was one of the ‘go to’ companies for a high-end residence and so the circle began; the more the projects they did, the better the projects were and the more similar projects they were awarded. In many walks of life people get ‘pigeon holed’ or typecast, from film stars to musicians once you make your mark in a particular sphere it is very difficult to persuade an audience you are something different.

Flos is very well known in architectural circles for their contemporary designs and design classics including the Arco lamp and Taccia. Last year the Flos group acquired an Italian exterior company called Ares. The decision was made to maintain Ares as a stand alone brand but introduce Flos Outdoor as a new brand in this unique sector of our industry. Coming up with new interesting product designs, product performance which meets the specification requirements of the lighting designer and durability for todays harsh environment can be difficult.

Thankfully the design community has accepted Flos Outdoor with its unique designs, use of different materials such as marble and copper finishes which make the products unparalleled.

For my architect friend, and other designers who have been tagged as experts in their own field, trying to convince clients to give you a chance or bet on the unknown to create something new is a much more difficult proposition. It maybe that an architect has to offer a very low fee to get appointed for a project where they have little experience or rely on a trusted working relationship where a developer is prepared to take a calculated risk.

However, I do not think you will see James Bond appearing in a soap opera anytime soon!


23. September 2017 by Martin Klaasen
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