The week that was 12-16th December 2016

Singapore, Weekend 17 – 18 December 2016

This week was fully dedicated to shooting video footage for our corporate video, which we will launch in 2017 together with our revamped website. My daughter Kyra, who runs her own production company Kyramedia, came to Singapore, all equipped, to shoot staff interviews, work sessions, project meetings, site visits and client testimonials which will all find their way into the final edit. She developed a script and storyline that will highlight what we stand for, what differentiates us from the pack and how the client experience of our services have made a difference. It is not an easy task but I have full confidence after this week and having seen some of the footage that she has shot, that we will end up with a corporate video showcasing our capabilities that we can be proud of.

Work sessions, deliverables
During the week we filmed several of our internal work meetings such as work sessions from the various project teams, individual staff at work, drafting, designing, rendering, all these typical activities that make out what we do in our office while showing actual deliverable outcomes on computer etc. One of the key aspects of our services is the creation of lighting design concepts, hence we put quite some attention into showcasing our design process, the sketching, the rendering, the imagery, the modelling and visualisation of spaces including dynamic walk-through. The future of visualisation is truly getting very exciting for lighting.

Staff interviews
We also conducted individual interviews of each staff from which we will use relevant outtakes and footage that will give a personalised feel of the company. After all the company is as good as its people and adding the personal touch is critical to reflex the human aspect of the company. Everyone brings something to the company and to our clients irrespective of their position, they all contribute to the final success and to how the company is perceived by others. Being put in front of a camera was also an interesting experience for many and some of the unprepared answers gave us some hilarious moments. Thanks for putting up with it!

Project and supplier meetings
Important aspect of our work are obviously the interaction and communication with our clients, fellow consultants and suppliers. We taped several of these meetings in our office as well as outside. Lighting design is team work and showing of the coordination and consultation with the parties involved in the process of design are therefore very relevant. Actually filming and focussing on this aspect also made us realise how relevant and important this is in our design process.

Website coordination
Since the corporate video and some of the footage will be used on our new website we also organised a coordination meeting with our web designers to make sure it all moved in the right direction. We are equally excited about our new website that is getting into shape. Our website has been around for the last 5 years and the navigation was getting a bit dated as well as the graphics. Time for a new fresh and trendy look! With todays world of social media we have to keep up with the times!

Site visits
We also took the opportunity to go to site and shoot some footage of our interaction with client and contractors, inspecting the lighting installation works, the testing of lights and making sure lights are properly linked up to the respective lighting controls. We had the suppliers on site as well so we could physically test some samples in their proposed locations and get feedback on improvement options if some of the lighting results were not to satisfaction. In our work it is critical to supervise the installation and hence our project site visits have to feature as part of our service deliverables.

Project references
We will also have snapshots of our projects in the video but more as a background or short illustration complement rather than physically making them part of the actual video. Our website will feature these projects extensively so we do not want the video to focus too much on all the projects we have done, but more about the team behind the success of the company.

Client testimonials
For this reason we also went to interview some of our clients and collaborators to collect some relevant and valuable testimonials. Most of our work is through referrals so it is logical that client and collaborator testimonials will feature in our corporate video. From a personal point of view it was very nice to hear them highlight what they like about the company, what in their opinion sets us apart and why they like recommending and working with us. Great and motivating stuff! Thanks for those great testimonials!

Annual staff dinner
Fittingly the week ended with our annual staff dinner to which husbands and spouses were also invited, our extended family! It was a great evening in which each individual received an award (also known as the KLD “Oscars”) in recognition of outstanding work and performance by each of the team. It is a great occasion to acknowledge each ones contribution in a relaxed setting this time and a waterside restaurant at Marina Bay. Thanks everyone for  the outstanding efforts over the past year!

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