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Perth, 11th December 2014

With one more blog to go tomorrow before I call it a day (year), I received back a series of stunning photographs from our Fremantle project taken by professional photographer Ron Tan. He does fantastic work, his photo taking is really unparalleled when it comes to taking pictures of lighting installations. It is an absolute art and requires a lot of experience to achieve the depth and clarity that he achieves in his photo’s. It is something that I have always been sloppy at also because of the costs involved to have professional photo’s taken on site. The most difficult part in photographing lighting installations is the time of the day as the best results are achieved at dawn or dusk which in some countries like Singapore, close to the equator, leaves a very small window of time to use for photography as night comes in very quickly (less than 30 mins). The further away you are from the equator the larger the window of opportunity. For the Fremantle cliff project Ron had a about 1 hour to take his pictures and not surprisingly he had to come back to complete his series of photographs from different positions, different angles and different views and different lighting scenes.

The reason the best pictures are taken at sunset (or sunrise) is that the low brightness sky provides an ambient light just right to give shape and form to the surrounding architecture and landscape which otherwise in full darkness would not or hardly be seen or in full daylight would kill any light effect. The sometimes deep blue sunset sky provides a great background canvas to outline buildings or landscapes part of the illuminated scene. You just have to look at some of the pictures below to understand what I mean. By being able to see the sky the rocky limestone cliff is well defined while it’s illuminated face nicely contrasts and shows off. It gives depth and proportion to a picture as well as a certain mood associated with sunset! Great pictures, thanks Ron!

Light Watch 5-211: The illuminated cliff at Arthurs Head near Bathers Beach in Fremantle, the lighting is on daily from 7pm…The definition of the lighting becomes different as it gets darker! Note that I reduced the resolution for this blog to about 250 KB from the original 10 MB as that would take long to load…

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11. December 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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