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Jakarta, 4th December 2014

You learn the most from seeing the end result from all your efforts. Seeing is believing as they say and therefore going to site to see the fruits of your (years of) labour is extremely instructive. I would nearly like to state that that is where you learn the fine ropes of lighting and that is how you form yourself to be a good lighting designer. We can’t design from just behind our desk, we need to have a full understanding of the potential issues we are or may be faced with on site. Only when you have gone through a few full circles from design to completion you can call yourself a relatively experienced lighting designer. Generally this cycles takes at least 5 years; I am still learning after more than 30 years (but that is mostly because the learning curves with LED lighting)!

Today I would like to share some before and after pictures from some of the areas we were working on these last two days.  Compare all the beautiful renderings (call them dreams if you want 🙂 ) with how it looks today close to commissioning… We worked the renderings (which were provided to us by the ID) to a level that was representative of our concept and then over time coordinated as good as reasonably possible with the design, project and contractor teams to get it realised; in the process clearing hurdles such as distance and time, cultural and language barriers, budgets and product availability, site limitations and workmanship; each of them potentially an issue by itself. Now, at the end of the rainbow we slowly see everything coming to life, we look back, think about where started to take different turns, what we could or could not have avoided or changed…Before and after, we learn so much from it…

Light Watch 5-207: Here are some of the “before and after” areas (or call it dream and reality) we reviewed the last few days, the restaurant, the lobby, the bar, the meeting rooms, the corridors; some are getting close to the concept, some are (still) way off…work in progress, but interesting to see how things change over time no thanks to value engineering!





lobby 1c


Writes bar


Meeting room


corridor R1




04. December 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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