Perth, 12th December 2014

It seems a fitting date to end season 5 of blogging, the 12th of the 12th after coincidentally 1212 blogs! As it happens todays blog is number 1212, quite a respectable number of what started as a challenge to myself 5 years ago in 2009! Ever since I arrived in Asia now many years ago I have been fascinated by things like Feng Shui and numerology, things I got introduced to in this part of the world, so on occasions like this, when the numbers are auspicious it is a good time for decisions or special occasions.

This year has zipped past it seems, Xmas is around the corner with 2015 looming as another exciting year ahead. In retrospect this year has seen me travel a lot for my guest speaking appearances from the middle east to the us and in between at a rate of about once a month. Quite a number of projects got successfully completed with a few more on the brink of being finished; one the recipient of an IES lighting design award. We moved to a new office in Singapore and Jakarta, expanded our staff base and restarted on the ground operations in China, with an office and a dedicated project team in Shanghai.

It is a good time to say thanks to everyone, specifically my loyal team that has supported me and the company in so many ways this year. While the company carries my name it is the dedicated support of my staff that makes it all happen. I noticed that sometimes they start to ignore me, which I guess is a good thing as they become more confident and self-assured in handling thingsJ. We now even have clients that have no need for me at all…this to me is a good sign, these clients seem to have  faith in my team representing the company. Thanks to them as well, your confidence and trust in our services is greatly appreciated!

So to my teams in Singapore, Jakarta, Shanghai, Perth and Delhi, a big thank you for the year past, I have enjoyed the year and am proud of everyone’s achievements! The year ahead looks very promising and with the continued team spirit and attitude we will certainly enjoy the coming year even more. I wish everyone and all family and friends that have supported us in the background a Merry Xmas and a fantastic new year. Enjoy the year-end holidays it’s well deserved.

Light Watch 5-212: I leave you with a picture of the Tree of Light, ostensibly the largest holographic projection of a Xmas tree in the world designed by Studio Droog in The Netherlands, installed at the famous Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam in celebration of Xmas. As I am off to Holland to celebrate Xmas with my family I thought this to be a fitting image to end Light Watch for this year.  See you in the New Year, take care.


Finally here is also a link to a totally insane neighbourhood Xmas light up, worth a look, enjoy!

Insane Xmas neighborhoodc

12. December 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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