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Singapore, 24th November 2014

So last Saturday in Fremantle was the big launch event for the cliff up-lighting at Arthurs Head, also known as the Roundhouse Art Precinct or Bathers Beach. Whatever the name people know it by, the City of Fremantle has decided that this area is ideally suited to be developed as a social public events area. On the south-end restaurants, bars and shops are being completed in a new to open building right on the beach, the area lawn and beach on the site of it with the Kidogo Arthouse is the location for the weekend summer markets. In the summer beach lounge chairs will be installed free for the public to enjoy drinks at sunset and to the north-end the J-Shed will be developed as an artist bar and entertainment centre. Just to the north of the Shed is WA Maritime Museum. The round house and its little cottages are home to a history gallery and artists. One can easily see how lighting up the heritage listed cliff that serves as the background for this whole area is bringing new life to its use.

It was particularly interesting to follow the (social) media like Facebook, Twitter and various city event blogs in the amount of interest and support it generated. There has always been this long standing rivalry between Perth and Fremantle, not in the least because of the two biggest AFL Footie clubs, so having a one up on the City of Perth certainly finds lots of support in Fremantle! The main reason however is that the local community seems to be really supportive of the developments and not surprisingly sees the lighting of the cliff as an urban improvement bringing more quality of life and more public safety and enjoyment to the area. In the past this dark area at night used to be the home of vandalism and sinister characters, so to speak. Comments and feedback on the media were lauding the effort of the City and to everyone’s satisfaction people came in out in big numbers to witness the switch on of the lights as part of the first summer market of the year. The lighting will now be on every day of the year.

Light Watch 5-199: Here are some impressions of the sunset and night including the flyer that was circulated in the city some social media feedback and some mood pictures…for now we will run one colour a day, for 6 days a week, with on Saturday nights (market night) the full colour run…

20141122_202621c Flyer for BBAP uplighting final

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24. November 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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