Getting over the finish line

Singapore, 3rd November 2014

Many of our projects starts years and years before its due completion. Some are on time (and on budget) as in an ideal world but most are not. Over the weekend we received some initial pictures from one of our clients of a project for which we have reached the finish line! Certainly if the end result is good and the client is happy then passing the finish line is a happy event. This is certainly the case here, but we put in more than our fair share of time and effort. We are still to go back one more time for the final adjustment and fine tuning of the preliminary programming, but the resort is ready to receive its guests!

Not all finishes are happy and achieved with great satisfaction, but many of them are. We put in generally all we have got so that we have no regrets and know that if anything that is the best we could achieve given the circumstances… this is important because clients judge you on your input and results. Unfortunately life is not that straight forward and if you have a great project team where everyone respects and communicates properly with each other, you are more likely to succeed, but more then often  the circumstances and conditions are difficult and not always under control. This can be a difficult client, or even difficult project managers or procurement managers, insufficient budgets, incompatible time schedules and demands, poor planning and communication, the list goes on. I can probably write a whole book about everything that can go wrong in a project and even with the longest of experiences you may still run into unexpected problems. I have blogged about this before.

The process is as good as its weakest link…knowing or finding out what or who that weakest link is, can be an art by itself. Hence it is a enjoyable experience if we get over the project finish line with great satisfaction…another feather in our cap 🙂

Light Watch 5-186: Below some of the magic pictures that show of the magnificent location (Sri Lanka) and scenery of our project. Mote night time pictures to come soon!










03. November 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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