World Architectural Festival Singapore 2014

Singapore, 1st October 2014

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s event Singapore is hosting the World Architectural Festival from today at Marina Bay Sands. More then 2000 visitors from more than 60 countries are excepted to gather in Singapore to attend key note addresses, conferences, lectures, workshops seminars and exhibitions by some of the top names in the architectural industry. Unfortunately I am unable to attend but I can just imagine how interesting these presentations will be. From my perspective I feel that architects more than ever are showing a keen interest in lighting, specifically in daylighting and sustainability. It is the buzz and maximising the use of daylight in architectural designs, intelligent use of materials to better reflect lighting and create mood in spaces are the order of the day. I personally find that more and more architects think with lighting in their conceptual mind, which is great for us because it is easier to reach a common conceptual ground. It also has its draw back as some of them think that they (should) know it all and as a result patronise us about how we should go about our lighting. It is often a delicate path to walk, but in general it is very positive.

The enormous developments in LED technology have a lot to do with it as well. With LED’s becoming so compact, so more performing and so more easily integrated in architectural building components, it is not difficult to see the attraction and hence also so interest of architects in integrating lighting in their designs. This integration has also opened doors to LED manufacturers previously not involved in lighting at all. Tile manufacturers, furniture makers, building components and façade cladding specialists have ventured into LED solely with the aim to add an extra (lighting) dimension to their products. It is a brave new world out there and if you look at some of the architectural designs that are nominated for awards you will see new sustainable technologies being used and lighting, intelligent lighting and integrated day and artificial lighting are definitely part of it.

Light Watch 5-165: In a CNN report some of the nominated buildings were shown from subsequently Australia (1,2), Denmark (3), Guangzhou (4), Hong Kong (5), Japan (6), London (7), New Zealand (8),  Korea (9), Sweden (10)


Australia 140924135438-world-architecture-festival-national-australia-bank-vertical-gallery

Cape Tribulation Australia 140924125837-world-architecture-festival-stamp-house-horizontal-gallery

Denmark 140924135451-world-architecture-festival-danish-maritime-museum-horizontal-gallery

Guangzhou 140924135445-world-architecture-festival-bravo-group-pazhou-mixed-use-project-vertical-gallery

doublespace architectural photography toronto montreal ottawa

Japan 140924125833-world-architecture-festival-akiha-ward-cultural-center-horizontal-gallery

London 140924130058-world-architecture-festival-spotlight-youth-space-horizontal-gallery

New zealand 140924135441-world-architecture-festival-christchurch-botanic-gardens-centre-horizontal-gallery

Seoul Sth Korea 140924125852-world-architecture-festival-dongdaemun-design-plaza-horizontal-gallery

Sweden 140924125844-world-architecture-festival-aula-medica-horizontal-gallery

01. October 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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