The Declaration of Green lighting design – Forum 15 (DOG #15)

Hong Kong, 28th October 2014

I will report about the actual Hong Kong Fair in tomorrow’s blog but today I want to share the DOG event which was held in conjunction with the fair today. The Chinese Lighting Designer Association in its effort to promote good and professional lighting design in China and abroad has created a platform that it calls the Declaration Of Green lighting design or DOG. The event in Hong Kong was its first overseas and the 15th since its incorporation in 2008. There are plans to have further DOG events in and outside China to further promote lighting design education and project design cooperation. The CLDA aims to be a two-way street in which it promotes and provides overseas lighting design expertise to the Chinese project and education needs and reversely offers Chinese knowledge and lighting design expertise for both local and overseas opportunities.

There is a demand for foreign expertise in China in complementation of the local lighting designers who have carved steadily but surely a place in their country over the last couple of years. This cooperation offers opportunities to overseas consultants to participate in projects in China. At the same time the reverse happens were the Chinese designers are keen to develop cooperation with internationally established lighting designers.

Through the DOG events we (and I say we in my capacity as one of the CLDA’s external lighting advisers) organise these interactive platforms throughout China and in the future outside China to create better awareness of the lighting design profession in and from China. Today’s event, gracefully hosted and supported by the HKTDC, saw lighting design presentations of both overseas (myself and Jim Wallace) as well as local (Lear Hsieh and ZZ Zhang) experts to an eager and near full house audience at the HKTDC’s training centre. The feedback was great and encouraging with several opportunities for future collaboration discussed. Simultaneous translations in either Chinese or English made sure everyone was able to follow the presentations.

It was a gratifying experience to be part of this event and I must complement CLDA’s president Lear Hsieh for all the effort he has put in to make the DOG such a success. It bodes really well for the future! Well done to all.

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28. October 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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