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Goa, 10th October 2014

Today, till Sunday (yes we do work over the weekend at times 🙂 ) we are on site to coordinate the progress of the site installation works. This is where design meets reality. This is where all the dreams from the past few years are turned into a physical reality. This is where we see how good our experience and anticipation has been, because really this is the moment where you find out whether you had a good understanding of the site and most of all where you find out whether the contractor understood your design intent and specifications. It generally is a fine moment because you have the concepts and plans all in your head and you start seeing it turn into a real 3 dimensional space.

We started the day with a site inspection, the landscaping with our landscape design colleagues which is being followed by architecture and interiors including a review of the mock up room. While no lights have been installed yet (except in the mock up room) the site inspection is to confirm that the site works follow the design as close as possible and to make sure that the quality of installation is up to par. A lot of the electrical work at a later stage is hidden from view making it hard for us to see how the cables are run, how the conduits are placed and how the lighting positions will work with lights later to be installed. For instance wall recessed lights will need a recess to fit, is it enough after finishes have been applied, when it comes to pool and water feature lights lighting and waterproofing is to be considered and so on. We also have a separate meeting with our electrical colleague to see how possibly we can simplify or regroup some of the lights for easier electrical looping and control. Our design is detailed as much as possibly can be foreseen but once you are on site you get the real feel of the “nuts and bolts”. Flexibility and adaptation skills are required at this point and that is also why now regular site visits will be crucial to pre-empt any site issues, avoid miss-installations and adapt to unforeseen site situations. This is very hard to do from behind your desk. As works are progressing fast we have already scheduled our next visit! Soon!

Light Watch 5-171: These site pictures give you a feel of the progress. Work is in full flight, most of all the quality of workmanship is surprisingly high and neat, certainly considering the speed of progress! But the usual site features (floodlight to a tree, loose electrical wires/fixes, tractor trailer with site generator) are all there of course. We checked…they are using our latest drawing. Enjoy the view as well! Have a great weekend.


















10. October 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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