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Perth, 15th October 2014

Today I went to site to inspect progress of work. Not so much of the review I described yesterday, this was more to inspect and assess for myself how work is moving forward. This also to get a good feel of when the installation is going to be completed so I can plan my availability for the final testing and commissioning. The tender was recently awarded and now a few weeks later the light fittings have arrived and the actual installation has begun. We are currently working. Always good to pop in on site as there are always little details that need a tweak. Even though this is a relatively small and simple project (we are lighting up a rocky cliff face in Fremantle) I still found some small issues to correct. I spoke to the site installation contractor to let him know and then straight away popped in to speak to the city’s project manager to inform him of the rectification required. While fairly minor it has the potential to be very visible as it involves the orientation and location of lights that will affect the overall lighting coverage of the rock cliff.

Out of principle we always have to assume the worse being that the contractor just blindly follows drawings and specifications and that anything that logically does not seem to fit is not noticed by them. They are not paid to “think”, they are paid to execute and if the specifications says to install it straight, even if it looks wrong, they just do it. Not all contractors are like that and some of them will feedback to you that we may want to have a look at it as it looks wrong, but most of the time if you don’t come to site and highlight this they just follow the specifications, after all you are the expert, so you know what you are doing. Unfortunately we are human too and we specify to the best of our knowledge which may be 95% correct, but there is always this small percentage that needs adjustment to site conditions. As was the case today, a minor adjustment to execute, one that needed the lighting designer to notice and advise, but very important for the final end result.

Light Watch 5-174: The site installation in progress…









15. October 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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