Putting a face to a name

Singapore 3rd October 2014

I think we all have this moment where we finally put a face to a name…In the world we work in we often start working on a project where we communicate with a name; be it the project manager, the interior designer, the architect or even the project administrator. But even in peripheral activities sideways connected to your project business like your banker, your accountant or your travel agent. Many times the first contact is through phone or email and actual face to face meetings do not happen to much further along the line if they do happen at all, specifically if you work on overseas projects. If I can I will check people out on LinkedIn (I’m not such a Facebook person) to get some visual as I am a very visual person. When you read someone’s email or you hear some one’s voice you immediately associate that with something; young or old, fat or not, long or short, fashionable or not, nice or difficult, etc. I guess we all reference that against our experiences and memories. I have certain memories and experiences with peoples first names, so whenever is encounter someone with such name it immediately flashes back to those experiences and somehow the brain thinks they must be the same. Nothing is less true of course and the person that you thought was fat and old turns out to be young and beautiful. Specifically someone’s voice can be quite deceiving…

Today I had two meetings with people I had spoken on the phone with over the past week and of course formed an opinion…it was nice and refreshing to meet them today in person and as to be expected I was totally wrong about nearly everything. They both however were bright and clever, something that I had picked up…in any case it was great to finally but a face to the name…

Light Watch 5-167: On the spur of the subject I went to google some beautiful faces which features really come out with good and special lighting. Beauty is a gift, lighting is an art…have a great weekend









03. October 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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