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Hainan-Singapore, 6th October 2014

As I am on my way back to Singapore after a few days in Hainan I look back on a couple of fruitful days. As usual I missed a public holiday (it was Hari Raya something in Singapore yesterday), but the joy was not less as I met a new client an spent some time taking in the new site earmarked for the project. It is still government land but my client has obtained the rights to develop it. It is always nice to be part of the birth of a project rather then come in after a few years. We always say to our client that it is never too early to appoint your lighting designer, well in this case it can’t be any earlier as no one has yet officially been appointed. The first to be appointed will be the project manager and he will be tasked to develop the master plan first with a key team of expert. I was present at his invitation as we had already been working on other projects together and we really trust and respect each other very much, hence his request for me to be part of the team from day one.

What is nice to get in at the very beginning is that you really get the feel of the site before anything is being developed. You may ask what it is to me as a lighting designer but knowing the site in its original and natural conditions, totally undeveloped with only the rural farmers and the undisturbed fauna and wildlife is quite special. I am a nature person and having seen the site will surely inspire me later on as we start developing the master plan and the concepts and design approaches for the project.

Light Watch 5-167: The site is in the hilly mountains not far away from Lingshui, north of Sanya, which coast is also known as the pearl coast of Hainan for its thriving pearl industry. From the pictures you will get a feel of this area, its still rough natural terrain and “wild life” but most of all its beautiful sights! I am looking forward to this project.









07. October 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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