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Singapore, 13th October 2014

I made it back safely to Singapore yesterday and spent the morning in transit in the office before jetting off to Perth tonight. On my way back I was in transit in Mumbai and enjoyed its new airport that I believe has been in the making for the last 10 years or so it seems that there was construction going on forever and even now they are not finished yet. Airports are being renovated and build around the world to cater for the new demands of modern travel. Goa’s airport was also renewed even though it is clear to see that many do not have the proper budgets to finish it off to proper detail and workmanship like Changi Airport for instance. In Goa’s departure hall we are still looking at standard T5 fittings in the ceiling of which 20% wasn’t even working. But the pressures are great so airports (like the new one in Bali for instance) start operating regardless. In Bali they used the opportunity to increase the departure airport tax with more than 50%! Let’s not forget its still a business that needs to make money. Also most people in airports are in transit anyhow…most of them may not even have time to notice! In case of Mumbai the transformation is noticeable a huge improvement. But for some things they still don’t get it right. You still hhave to walk for miles and the signage is also everything but easy and clear. A pictogram depicting a plane crashing into the ground is not necessarily the most obvious sign to indicate where the arrival hall is!

Meanwhile why in Goa I did meet some suppliers as I am always eager to learn more from local suppliers and manufacturers. One of them I met is a new local start up Indian LED manufacturer (though admittedly some of his production is not surprisingly done in China) with above expectation type quality fixtures. Supported with IES files, test certificates, Dialux calculations and proper data cut sheets I was suitably impressed. This manufacturer also had developed wireless/ contactless LED units that can be popped in/out of their housing without the need for any connections. Based on induction technology the power is transmitted without contact points and combined with a full cover rubber seal skin, the products achieves IP68 without problem, making it very suitable specifically for under water fixtures. The housing can be popped into the architectural structure, being a pool or other water feature and at a later time, you just pop in the LED head without the need for any wiring…an excellent innovation.

Light Watch 5-172: Some pictures of the induction based LED light fixtures.







13. October 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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  1. Hi Martin,
    greetings from Germany!
    Very interesting article, especially the part about the induction underwater fitting. We’ve also thought about induction solutions in the past, and we still do. But our major concern is the relation between output and size, which is in our opinion not beneficial enough at the moment…! Another issue are eventual electromagnetic interferences in the water, caused by the inductor. Can be dangerous for people with a cardiac pacemaker.
    But no doubt about it, regarding the never ending “bad cabling” issues, this would definitively be a nice solution.
    What lumen packages do they offer?
    Thanks & Best Regards

  2. Dear Martin, nice to read about the induction light. I know this from Airfield signal lighting 20 years ago, so this is not new. Svarowski did this also for tunnel signals to prevent longer disturbance of traffic in case of failures. But I see no reason to use this technology elsewhere. With LED proper made there are no failures.
    Kind regards
    Thomas Roeding from Insta

  3. @ Thomas,
    “With LED proper made ” ; you should say “with LED proper installed” That’s in my opinion the crucial point, especially when it comes to cabling. So, there’s a certain interest in this technology.
    At least for us! Schönen Gruß aus Leingarten!
    Marco from WIBRE

  4. Dear Thomas and Marco
    Thanks for your replies, as always I appreciate the feedback. This technology will be shown at the Hong Kong Fair starting 27th October. It’s in my opinion too early days to say if there is a place for this or not, time will tell. But I think we should have an open mind and encourage innovation initiatives. Thomas, note that it is NOT induction lighting but induction technology that is used to create contactless LED power supply…let’s see where this goes…

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