Cliff hanger

Perth- Singapore, 21st – 22nd October 2014

As I left Perth yesterday after some last minute meetings I looked back at the pictures I took on Monday night of the first testing and commissioning of the cliff lighting we did at Arthurs’ Head Beach in Fremantle… a real cliff hanger… :). We had tested some individual lights before to make sure we knew what light to specify and I blogged about the tests a few months ago, but until you see it in full, all lights together, I am always a bit nervous… will it come out the way I envisaged? Will it work the way I wanted? Will the client like it? With all the experience in the world I still have these feelings every time I go to look at a first light up after contractors have spent days, weeks or months installing your lighting design.

Most of the time it turns out just nice, close to expectation, but still…On Monday night we turned on the lights and the effects were beautiful. There is still some tweaking to be done and one light to be added where we feel we have a dark corner, but overall the position of the lights their coverage and grazing angle did very much justice to the rough and textured limestone cliff surface. Specifically when the colours started to be tested the level of excitement raised notably. I may need to rethink my original notion that we should just light it up in neutral white and only use colours in the weekend or to coincide with events. For instance when the Fremantle Dockers play their footy game, which normally sees the town turn into purple, the club colours. Interestingly the purple colour looks great on the photo, but in real life the colour was not as strong. It just shows that our eye has a totally different sensitivity to light then a camera!

Overall one could feel the sense of relief and appreciation for the lighting and the client straight away started planning dates for its inauguration, to coincide with the first of the summer beach markets to be held later in November. Another great project in the making!

Light Watch 5-178: A beautiful sunset sky provided a dramatic background as we started our work…The lighting effect on the limestone cliff turned out really nice…while I was initially headfast on maintaining a minimum in colour applications, neutral white being my preference to bring out the natural colours of the rocks best, I was swayed by the rich and impactful colours…I programmed a colour roll…

PS today is a public holiday in Singapore (Dipavali) so hence the double date header.






















22. October 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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