Chongqing Interior Design Entreprise Association – Lighting Seminar

Chongqing, 24th October 2014

Our first day in Chongqing was dedicated to the local interior designer association, the CIDEA, which recently was adopted as partner in the IFI, the International Federation of Interior designers. A handsome group of interior designers, architects, developers as well as members of the Chinese Lighting Design Association (CLDA) attended this important lighting event. The CLDA is a select group of lighting designers in China which membership is restricted and subject to high level experience. I am an external consultant and adviser to the organisation and in that function invited to share my experience with the participants. Together with me were James Wallace, a long-time friend and colleague in the business from Australia and also a former director of the now defunct PLDA (Professional Lighting Designer Association) as well as Lear Hsieh the current president of the CLDA. Both James and Lear are very much involved in bettering the cause of good lighting design through public educational events, university programs and lighting seminars such as this. It is was certainly an pleasure and honour to share the stage with them today.

James started the proceedings with his insightful presentation called: “Subjective impressions in lighting”, in which he outlined the key factors, very much related to the human appreciation of light and lighting, that determine what is considered good lighting design. He was followed by Lear who (in fluent Chinese  🙂 ) outlined the key role of the CDLA and its objectives for the Chinese market including the vital stages of work and documentation required for completing well design lighting projects. I rounded of the presentations with my talk: “The challenges of using LED lighting technology in architectural interiors”, a collection of my hands-on experiences and project case studies showing what it takes to bring a beautiful lighting design concept all the way to its actual and real implementation. A design is only as good as its final end result and hence the rocky road from concept to reality is something that many aspiring lighting designers, but also architects, interior designers and client developers need to understand to achieve a successful lighting project.

While some parts of the presentations may have gone lost in translation at times due to the language barrier, the overall response was very enthusiastic with a spirited Q+A time and positive feedback from the participants. All in all a very gratifying day  that ended with a co-sponsored dinner by the CIDEA and the CLDA…

Light Watch 5-180: Impressions of the day…












24. October 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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