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Singapore, 15th September 2014

Deciding on a topic to write about or to build a presentation around is always a tricky issue. The organiser of the event looks at their target group of intended participants and provides you with a direction or most of the time even a title for you to build your presentation, whereas I need to think of how to convert that into an interesting presentation. When it comes to writing my column for the magazine I am often guided by the proposed contents or theme of the upcoming issue. In my blog it really depends on the events of the day. With speaking engagements later this week, at the end of this month later in October and November I have plenty to think about as the topic of presentation needs to make sense in terms of the materials and the information that is available to share. Presentations are generally around 45 mins, sometimes a bit shorter to allow some time for Q+A.

In one of my upcoming presentations later this year I am asked to develop my storyline along lighting design as part of an integrated process; in other words how do we integrated our work with the other project team members. What are the methodologies that we follow, how do we manage expectations when we develop our creative concepts and can it logistically be realised? How crucial is cooperation and coordination to make sure our that our lighting concept is part of a common design strategy with the common goals we are trying to achieve for the project.

The interesting thing is that different people will have different views on how best to achieve this. Some high-ego designers may have the may way or the high way approach, but this generally does not work and is certainly very frustrating for others in the team. A project is only successful if all disciplines are successful, so it is crucial that we cooperate and coordinate as part of the process. Illustrating this topic with visually interesting and easy to understand pictures is another story!

Light Watch 5-154: The storyline is one part, illustrating your story is another thing altogether. Eric Caminada, my work colleague way back in my Philips time, had a great gift to illustrate his stories. Here are some of his sketches…thanks Eric!
(Unfortunately these are reproductions from old projection slides, so the quality is rather low and grainy, but you get the idea!)







15. September 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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