Tender deadlines

Perth, 11th September 2014

One of the critical miles stones in our consultancy work are the issuance of tender documentation. And how different that process can be from client to client! We are working of the issuance of tender deadlines for two projects this week.

One a super organised project here in Australia, professionally managed with clear directions, respectful coordination and enough time build in to the documents reviewed by key members of the project team so that we can incorporate any oversight or missing gaps in the documentation. Not the slightest argument, misunderstanding or delay. Very single member of the team is a professional, focussed on their deliverables with respectful consideration to fellow consultants to allow for coordination and feedback. The final documents are all due in tomorrow and the tender will be called bang right on time, fully coordinated and detailed. While everyone has worked hard to achieve the deadline there has been a near camaraderie between the project consultants and the mood has been upbeat and cooperative. The client is happy and most of all as a result a prompt paymaster from day 1!

What a difference our other tender deadline is… Not surprisingly in Malaysia, this projects has been one big mess from the start, tender deadlines have been moved, rescheduled, delayed and changed a few times now. The scope of work has been modified and changed several times as well, packages split up, parts deleted, re-added and repackaged. It is no wonder that some consultants (us included) are scratching our heads and wonder whether we should actually pit in the effort to change things with the expectation that the deadlines will be changed again and the scope probably revised. As I write this blog I just see an email coming through from the client to hold all tender work till further instruction! The mood between the project members is highly explosive as you can see that people dig themselves in pointing fingers at others, covering their own backs! Project management (recently newly appointed) is absolutely struggling to get a grip and seems to have no control, neither over the consultants nor the client. Yet, they act as if they are…Add to that a client totally detached from professional administration, an awful paymaster with no grip or understanding on how to deal with professionals, the amount of abortive work and time is shocking…this tender is a disaster in the making….

Light Watch 5-152: We had another visit to a glass maker for our project today, this time manufactured glass…






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11. September 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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