Reviving historic lights

Singapore, 3rd September 2014

While the ballroom T&C is coming to a close and everything is falling into place, as it always does in the end, I can start moving my attention to other project issues. I have another 5 speaking commitments over the next few months (two this month!) so that needs some attention in terms of preparation, I have got my regular column for Lighting Today magazine to write as well as some project feature articles. Besides that some more fee proposals and some recently started projects that need some conceptual brain storming.

What stands out today is the search for the revitalisation of some historic lights that date probably back to the early part of last century, the early 1900’s. That sounds really old and if you see the picture that was dug out from the state library you can see it is really something unique, very crafty. I doubt that these can still be made today but we will at least try to restore them as best as possible and reinstate the original glass globe crafted in the shape of a flame. Our challenge will be to integrate the latest LED technology in an inconspicuous way leaving people to wonder how the light is created…

The project is in Perth and we have sourced some handy crafts people that still hand blow glass to these kind of shapes. We will visit them next week to research ways to integrate the light and also make a final choice on the type and intricacies of the glass. There are many ways to do that so we look forward to that interaction. For now I am first researching the lamp technology that can potentially be used in this very interesting application! It’s nice to work on something out of the ordinary!

Light watch 5-146: Pictures of some of the site lamps as well as some historic images from how it supposedly looked and how some look now


120x165mm 120x165mm





03. September 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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