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Singapore, 1st September 2014

I am getting a bit easier on myself and after a long day Friday could not muster the energy to write my blog, even more, during the weekend I had other things on my mind so I left it…writing a blog daily for the last 5 years is starting to take its “toll” and I am seriously thinking of either reducing it to a weekly affair or get guest writers to take over…I am thinking about it and if any of you out there have any suggestion please share with me.

So workwise this weekend and today was still in the sign of commissioning our hotel project here in Singapore; Stage 1 being the ballroom, the pre-function and the pavilion, a function venue. I already said a lot about the dimming issue so the end of that story is that we need to re-circuit and reconfigure the dimming design to make sure it is compatible with the load requirements. While nobody really wants to point fingers, the dimming specialist in my opinion was really caught out pants down. Anyhow we talked it through and really we all want to be part of the solution so we worked out how to best rectify the situation. While we wait for the additional active loads to be delivered to site someone had the bright idea to install incandescent lamps into the circuit (acting as a resistive load) as a temporary solution…one for prosperity! The total load of the lamps (hidden in the ceWhiling) is higher then the load of the whole chandelier, but what the heck, it is a temporary solution as the show must go on.

Today we started with the testing and programming of our scene setting, but half way through we were sent home as the hotel had hired a camera crew for a promotional photoshoot, so back tomorrow. We have not yet tested all the show colours and some of the scenes have yet to be adjusted from our original dimming schedules. As you all know there is a difference between measured output and perceived output so we are now adjusting the dimming settings from measured to what we would really like to see…

Light watch 5-144: Here are the first pictures see the changes from last Friday and this morning!
20140829_155341c1-Ball room Friday
20140901_193603c2- Ball room this morning
20140829_155354c3- Pre-function Friday
20140901_191801c4- Pre-function this morning
20140829_155804c5- The legendary dimmer with the incandescent bulbs in the ceiling! One for the memory books!



6- Some preliminary shots during the scene setting

01. September 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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