Light + Design, Delhi 2014

Delhi, 19th September 2014

With thanks to my sponsor ELCOMA and the hosts, the Institute of Indian Interior Designers (or IIID), we started day 1 of the conference proceedings with the introductory keynote address from the director of the National Institute of Design, Mr Pradyummna Vyas. He made a point of sustainable technologies and the need to develop a made in India brand of products and services. This was followed by yours truly sharing my experience with the LED Cowboys and Czars this time modelled around the hospitality application and the challenges we face in using LED in our lighting designs. That was followed by renowned lighting designer Reiko Chikada who gave us her insider’s look at the process of implementing urban lighting strategies, pointing out the crucial role of city government and the necessary cooperation between all stakeholders to achieve success.

In the afternoon session we had an outsiders look at lighting and architecture by local architect Bijoy Ramachandran enlightening us with his clever use of daylight throughout his projects. Specifically the manipulation of daylight through architectural concepts and the introduction of operable louvres and sun panels were inspiring. This was followed by a Q+A panel discussion with the above speakers allowing the participants to further probe the specialists notably about the integration of international design expertise in the context of the local Indian culture. The attendance was great with a near full house; the response was very encouraging. There is a clear drive within India to push the country to the next level and if the feedback about the new government is to be believed, todays enthusiastic response will certainly help to get there!

I enjoyed the day which was capped of with a tour through the Light India exhibition that is held as the main event, which is supported by the Messe Frankfurt group. Speakers will later come together for a relaxing meal with the organisers to reminisce about this first successful day. The conference continues tomorrow with some more interesting speakers. Thanks again to all those who came to listen today with a special thanks to those who bought my book, I hope you will enjoy it and get some motivation and inspiration to make our world a better lighting world!

Light Watch 5-158: Impressions of today’s proceedings, the opening ceremony, the speakers, Q+A, the audience, the fair, and low and behold, even a new product from Panasonic promoting its unique lighting projection spotlight allowing to project the menu on the table or create nature scenes as background decoration to your dinner….










19. September 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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