Singapore, 30th September 2014

Over a period of 3 days Marina Bay Sands is hosting the Architectural & Building Services 2014 event which brings together Arch Expo, Led+ Light Asia and International Facility Management Expo in one big event. I was an invited speaker at the LED + Light Asia conference, called Light Up in Style which was held today on the side lines of the event. The event is billed as the only trade show dedicated entirely to the LED/OLED industry in Singapore. With a practically full house it was very well attended even though the original speaker program was shortened to half a day.

The opening presentation was done by K.Seshadri, my one time colleague from my early Philips days in Singapore. We both moved on and Sesh is currently a lecturer and independent consultant providing various professional services to the lighting industry in the region. His years of experience has made him a sought after expert by government, institutional and private companies that seek his expertise in lighting. It was fitting therefore that he opened the proceedings with an witty interesting talk about new trends in indoor and outdoor lighting specifically touching on the various visual, emotional and biological aspects of lighting. For many in the audience this a very refreshing look at lighting and the importance of lighting in our daily lives.

I was the next speaker providing an insider look at lighting design for the lighting up of buildings and social spaces. Spoken from my extensive experience in the hospitality industry I specifically went into the many challenges we face as lighting designers as we make the transition from conventional to LED technology. While the LED Cowboys want to make us believe that LED now is the only solution and the transition to LED is as easy as pie, the reality is different. We are still learning to coop with the new technology. I was pleased to have most of my Singapore staff present as they do not always have the opportunity to hear me speak as that mostly happens abroad. At least they also got the chance to see their boss in action…

The morning session was completed with a presentation by Kenny Eng, Director of the Nyee Phoe Group who showed us how the erstwhile landscape nursery had embraced todays lifestyle to provide concepts that go well beyond just providing an tree with an PAR 38 uplight. Socially responsible his approach to landscape design involves nature, light and the community. It was a pleasure to share our expertise with an audience that seemed full of attention and appreciation. Thanks to all!

Light Watch 5-164: The speakers in action…







30. September 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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