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Perth, 8th September 2014

Over the coming months I have several speaking engagements and rather than repeating myself (some people call that leveraging J) I am doing my best to differentiate each presentation in a fine tune to the audience that is expected to attend. As the presentations will be in different countries, I will need to integrate the local culture and economy in the story as well. Yes, they may like to hear my international experience but in the end they want to hear how that can relate to their personal or local situation. I submitted my regular Light Talk column for Lighting Today magazine over the weekend as well as a new project feature showcasing one of our recently completed projects.

Now I am back in wintery Perth, where wind and rain are battling my house; the heater is on and I have a nice sweater to keep me warm. While I don’t mind the heat from Singapore it is oh so nice to be exposed to the seasonal weather elements! I personally like it and find that seasonal weather can be creatively stimulating! Besides attending to projects here this week will also be in the sign of knowledge sharing, or better said in the preparation of knowledge sharing as my papers are due for submission real soon. The thing with knowledge sharing is that you need to know 150% if you want to share 100%, so time and again I need to study and prepare myself. The power point presentations may not look like much but the time that goes into the outlining, research and putting together of the slides is critical to the success of the presentation. Each slide has a story, triggers my memory and with that my years of experience. My slides generally have little words, the image or illustration should say it all, it is my knowledge that is triggered with that picture and pushes me to share what I know, what I have experienced in my life as lighting designer. I don’t have to write it down…it’s all there for me to share…

Light Watch 5-149: Knowledge shared may open doors to the future for others…










08. September 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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