Singapore, 4th September 2014

The thing with lighting design and any design for that matter is that you need inspirational people and an inspirational environment to flourish. Designers are creative people and we need stimulation, motivation and passion to thrive. Passion is either something you have or not, I don’t think you learn passion. It is something that you can acquire though over the course of getting involved, but it is something that you will know quickly. When I joined the lighting world I did not know it would be for life, but I quickly figured out that people who start in lighting either leave after a short while or they are in it for good.

The other aspect of being an inspired lighting designer is to find a conducive environment to express your passion, your skills and over time your expertise. This environment relates to your design studio, your daily work environment, your colleagues. My philosophy has always been that of a family, we all have each-others back, we help each other. Yes, we have a hierarchy of experience and seniority but we all respect and support each-other. Work is to be in balance with your private and family life. Too often we see a “bossy” work structure where the “bosses” enjoy and the staff endures, they are not given the opportunity to create a balance in their life and end up working long hours with little appreciation. Invariably these people quit after a while for “greener” pastures. The “family” approach generally results in longevity for all, private and for the company.

Finally working with inspirational people is highly motivating, people who are creative, who have vision, but most of all who show respect and appreciate other people’s expertise. They are leaders and visionaries in their own field of work. You will find that there is seldom a friction in such project teams. You sit through a daylong meeting without the slightest bore or disinterest; you feel grateful to be part of the project. I had such an inspirational day today which reminds me that I am lucky doing what I do meeting people that inspire and motivate you to keep doing what you do.

Light watch 5-147: Inspiration means different things to different people…








04. September 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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