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Perth, 11th August 2014

Back to work after a long weekend break in Phuket, courtesy of Singapore’s national day celebrations. I had a long day in Jakarta last week to review the progress of the installation works on a hotel project that is due for partial completion by the end of this month. Workers had slowly trickled back to work after celebrating the end of Ramadan, some only due at work this week. The last few stages in a project are as important as the first ones. While in the first ones we make sure that we get the basics right such as concept, budgets and so on, the last few stages are possibly even more crucial as they will determine the final outcome the final look of the project, your heritage to the world so to speak. I am on my way to Perth as I write this as there as well we are handing over another project, tweaking and programming the last bits and pieces before we officially hand over to the client and can sign off with satisfaction on another job completed.

The job in Jakarta is far more tricky and sensitive as short cuts and deletions have been applied by the client without consultation with the respective consultants. Rather than walk away we have put in our fair share of effort to try make the best of the situation. We are obviously disappointed that quality had to make way for lesser value. I spent the best part of the day testing the installation to assure myself of basic quality and ability to achieve (as many as possible of the) desired lighting effects. Specifically testing the dimming circuits so I can play around creating mood and ambience. The biggest challenge to overcome is the extremely poor workmanship, something very common in Asia, cove lighting generally being the number one problem.

To my delight however the local supplier, though clearly lacking the experience and quality, surprised me with excellent dimming actions and great personal effort to get things completed to my satisfaction. In these kind of situations where it looks like everyone is compromising a great attitude and commitment towards finishing the job as good as possible in time is a breath of fresh air!

Light watch 5-131: Understanding the minimum and maximum light output and its impact in the finished space for each of the circuits is critical for final programming. Here are some pictures going through this motion






11. August 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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