The handshake project

Singapore, 28th August 2014

We get new projects in many different ways. Most of our projects come through referrals, which we find really beneficial as we are obviously recommended by others to potential clients looking for a professional lighting designer. The referral generally means that some ground work was already done by the person referring us by highly recommending our services through previous experiences. Those who refer us to potential clients are either existing clients, project consultants that we have worked for as well as friendly suppliers and manufacturers that have successfully cooperated with us on projects. The last group is a bit sensitive as the recommendation implies they are doing us a favour, which generally means they want some favours in return…

A growing part of our new projects come from people finding us through the internet, Facebook, our website or the “yellow pages”. We also found that being out there in the public realm, through magazine articles, seminars and other lighting related events. This blog and my recently published book has also helped establish ourselves as a reputable firm. Occasionally we get a direct project through the “boss to boss” contact, where I meet with the CEO of a company we have dealt with before and we shake hands there and then on a project that he wants me to do. That happened yesterday. I call these the handshake projects. We discuss and agree on the scope and fees on the spot and seal that with a handshake. Fee proposals are sent later as a formality for confirmation. Handshake projects are generally good as they intimate a high level of trust and respect supported by the highest authority in the client company. Of course you need to deliver then but with the trust and respect integrated in such project, the motivation to give it your best is sky high. After yesterday’s handshake, my kick of meeting is tomorrow! How good is that!

Light watch 5-143: Getting projects like that is as fast a s flipping a light switch…Here is a different look at switches







28. August 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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