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Perth, 14th August 2014

When it comes to being in the “lime light” I have different feelings. I happily get on a stage to share my expertise and experience through my seminars and guest speaking, I do that regularly and find that very gratifying as you feel you can contribute to a world of better lighting. However when cameras are involved it becomes a different story. There are quite some nuances there as well. I am often being photographed when on stage or in conversation as part of my presentation or lecture but these are action pictures, I just do my work, present my project as if there was no one taking pictures there. Often I am totally oblivious to camera men shooting along during my presentations.

When it comes to TV or video interviews it becomes quite different as the camera man is really in your face so to speak and most of all time is of the essence. Most interviews are limited in time of have to be done within a pre agreed time duration. I have done a few of those and generally if they are done ad hoc there is little room for errors and most of all you improvise as you go along using all your knowledge and cultural understanding to answer the questions as good and expertly as you can. It helps if you know your subject and have experience in communicating in public. My very first TV interview was for the Good Morning Hong Kong TV show when I was interviewed on the side lines on the Hong Kong Light show where I was speaking. Nervous as I was I did ask them to send me the questions in advance so at least I could prepare myself. I did not understand half they were saying anyhow as most of it was in Chinese!

Today I went out for a photo shoot required for a magazine spread to be published later this year and which will feature our of my recently completed project. We had to have the right light, the right location and back ground and did pretend compositions as if I was hard at work, pointing to and explaining lots of things. It all make believe….but surely will look nice in the magazine when it comes out. 🙂

Light watch 5-134: Dutch master Rembrandt was a genius when it comes to playing with light in his compositions and portraits. Here are some of his famous paintings.






14. August 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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