Typhoon Rammasun

Hainan, 18th July 2014

Heavy rain, gutsy winds, but that seems to be the extent of what we are getting from typhoon Rammasun here on site. The typhoon has already reached Haiko, so no wonder all flights and public transport have been suspended since this morning. I have managed to rebook myself on a direct flight tomorrow from Haiko to Singapore, with a fall back option via Sanya and Hong Kong. Will see tomorrow morning, fingers crossed. I guess it adds to the adventure but quite honestly I am not very keen on natural disasters, let alone being shot down out of the sky! I just heard about the Malaysian Airliner that has been shot out of the sky by an anti-aircraft missile in the Ukraine. The flight was en-route from Amsterdam to KL and flying an international route at high altitude. Just gets you thinking what a crazy world we live in! This was totally unpredictable and could have been any other airline. Unfortunately for MAS bad luck seems to follow them after the tragedy of MH 370 and it may well spell the end of the airline in its current form as people are generally superstitious and such karma twice in a row will not encourage people to fly Malayasian! Already I see emails and messages flying around telling me not to fly Malaysian!

So now I am sitting out the typhoon (in my luxury 5 star Villa, could be worse…), preparing my meeting reports and attending to general project matters with my team. The internet and electricity was out briefly this morning but otherwise it has been ok. Trees are sweeping left and right, rain is pouring down relentlessly all day already making any attempt to go to site and do some work there virtually impossible. The site is flooded anyhow and most work sites have been locked up and secured against the wind and rain so not much we can do there. Also as it appears, all workers and most site team have left the site last night to seek refuge in a city hotel…

Light watch 5-118: One of the critical issues always in any of my projects is the ceiling cove lights. This picture below shows you why! The pictures of the outside of my villa shows.. aaargh @#$%! … (the power just dropped out…all dark now except my laptop screen which now operates on the batteries)… a still and does not show you the actual wind. Will have to wait for the power to return as the WiFi obviously need power…

Reporting “live” from Hainan  🙂
Have a great weekend






18. July 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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