Tying up loose ends

Jakarta, 14th July 2014

The first day of the week is also the first day of a whole lotta travelling this week with at about one flight a day. I am in Jakarta today, before going to Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Hainan in China over the next couple of days, to tie up some loose ends. We are in a critical stage where light fittings are being confirmed some already delivered and installed. As I have said many times before the design is as good as the final installation so with the ballroom opening in about 3 weeks time for its first function, everyone is struggling to get their part done as good s possible. I spent today going again through all samples, doing some final testing and checking to make sure we have no surprises once it is too late and the lights are already installed.

My main concerns have been in regards to the dimmability of the lights and even though today’s table top testing showed promising result testing individual light fittings in a meeting room with a test dimmer is just not the same as handling a complete ballroom circuitry with hundreds of down lights. “My friend the supplier” (see my blog last week about the client’s friend-supplier) is supplying the lights AND the dimming system and considering they have never done any large scale public hospitality lighting has my concerns raided to the maximum. Today’s individual dimming test was promising but is no guarantee the end result is assured…on the contrary…fingers crossed!

The same can be said about linear lights and their colour consistency. Having one good sample does not mean that when all are installed we will have a consistent colour temperature (on the client’s insistence we are using “cheaper” versions)…I already could see some deviations in the installed parts on site…the supplier assured me they will make sure these are replaced…time will tell…

Light watch 5-115: The activities in the ballroom are in full swing…will they finish in time?








14. July 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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