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Perth, 4th July 2014

Another day and some more time spent on testing…It has become a far bigger part of our daily practice life then in the past, at least it seems that way to me nowadays. Again today we spent time at the showroom of one of our suppliers here in Perth to test ways to combat the colour striation and light distribution of our LED lights following the unwanted effects that we found during our assessment of the installation earlier in the week. With all the experience in the world it is still very hard to predict exactly the way light will play out in its environment certainly when you star mixing it with optical systems, filters and lenses. We did just that today just to get a feel of the options we have to resolve our issues and I am happy we did.

The most important of all is finding of a durable solution, not a temporary band-aid approach. If you are using good and durable quality lighting fixtures with high safety and protection ratings you want to make sure that whatever solution you come up with does not become the so-called “weakest link” in the system; hence the importance of coordinating these custom solutions with the manufacturer to maintain the integrity of the lighting installation. We tested filters, lenses, different optical set ups, angles, part filtering to get the feel of what worked best, which in the end turned out to be the lens. But while for one situation the integration was straight forward, in the other case we really need to look at creative solutions to fit the already customised fitting. Before we knew we had spent easily 2 hours just playing around…how quick time passes when you are having “fun” with testing! 🙂

Light watch 5-109: Images of our testing in action…enjoy your weekend!



20140704_101408cSpot the difference?




04. July 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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