My friend the supplier…

Jakarta, 8th July 2014

What do you do with a client who has its mind set on using a specific supplier…I guess you (try to) comply…

I am faced with this situation in this project where we have basically been forced to approve the light fittings from this supplier. Off the record, the supplier is a personal friend of the owner, ok we understand. But on the record how do we reconcile the lack of quality and experience of this supplier with the end result we want to achieve, after all we are creating a 5star hotel look; like having to buy a Rolls Royce at a Volkswagen dealer! Will we be able to lift the relative lack of quality products to levels that we can accept?  A big challenge! It’s happening everywhere I know, wouldn’t you like to help your friend? The problem is once you have made that decision it is hard to accept that perhaps your friend is not up to par. Courtesy dictates that you then “saves his face” and make the best of it all the way. This is the situation we are now facing. While there are certainly some quality aspects that we can approve for being compliant or close to compliant, there are a lot that need serious improvement specifically in the performance. I can live with a lesser material quality/ finishes, but I can’t live with a much lesser performance. The point is that my design and hence the location and the quantity of the fittings are based on this design; any deviation may result in poor lighting levels and limited lighting effects. Key issues here are light colour quality and consistency, the light output and distribution, and finally the dimming ability of the lighting systems. Small deviations in performance may result in big effect changes…

Light watch 5-111: On my approach to Singapore I was again reminded how powerful and impressive nature can be with a rare sunset…it felt like a light at the end of a tunnel… 🙂




08. July 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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