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Singapore, 21st July 2014

In the end I made it back safely to Singapore, but the devastation around Haiko and the airport was unbelievable, roofs torn of buildings, giant billboards just blown to pieces with its remains strewn over the roads, fallen trees, damaged cars, flooding…the last few kilometres to the airport were quite a sight! When I arrived at the airport they had just re-opened, but it was clearly the morning-after-feel, with many electrical systems still down, all shops still closed and people mainly pre-occupied in cleaning up the debris. But surprisingly the flight back to Singapore was in time and we left pretty much on time, though with hand written boarding passes… 🙂

Today was back to work as normal and I spent the day mostly catching up on on-going project issues. A client who wants us to attend meetings, pay for our flights and hotel but has not yet signed off our contract, let alone paid the related deposit, a supplier’s alternative light fitting submissions for a project that needed to be reviewed (approved or rejected depending the quality and achievement of the desired effects), another dig at dimming solutions for retrofit lamp (this problem keeps on coming back specifically when it relates to FFE decorative items like chandeliers, pendants, floor and table lamp who are still designed around E27 or E14 lamp holders) where loading and dimming performance are very much competing with each other, revising a fee proposal to comply with the local countries tax requirements and converting the fees into the local currency ( we don’t really like that, but when we do we log in the exchange rate), finalising the design brief for some custom design fixtures so we can stat engaging with the (potential) manufacturer of these fittings and finally coordinating the supply and installation some outstanding lighting components following a defects and liability period so we can at last close of that project (and receive our final fees  🙂 )

There you go just another day in the office…

Light watch 5-119: Bit of an experiment today. The quality of the pictures is not great (mobile phone at night) but I want to give a little mood impression through close ups (not revealing the overall interiors (as we are still in mock up stage) of my recent inspection to give you a taste…







21. July 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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