Can I have a room please?

Shenzhen- Hainan, 16-17th July 2014

It was one of those days that had an unpredictable outcome which in the end did me leave any reasonable time to write my blog. I flew in via Hong Kong yesterday and had an afternoon project meeting planned in Shenzhen. As the client was only going to fly back to Hainan the next morning I decided to change my flight to the next day as well so we could travel together. All good. We then went for dinner (as you do) only with the difference that the restaurant (in seafood street) was more than an hours drive from where we were! By the time we had arrived and finished dinner it was already well past 10pm. Their plan was to then go to a 24 hour spa, get our selves a good massage and hangout there till our early morning flight. I told them happy to join for the massage but as long as I could have a room afterwards so I could do some work as I had to reply to a few urgent project emails with submissions today. No problem they said…they have rooms…

Sometimes between 11 and 12pm I told them I would like to adjourn to my room and that is when the fun started…it turned out that the only rooms they had were privacy rooms with “special services”. I told them forget about the “extra services” just give me a @#$* room. It then appeared I only was allowed to go to that room in semi-undressed “spa clothing”…If I wanted to work I also could not bring in my bags and would have to just hand carry my laptop and whatever documents I needed…really? Anyhow my client feeling utterly embarrassed by the whole situation offered to drive me to the nearest hotel…which we did but by then it was already well past midnight.

Meanwhile I have arrived in Hainan and was advised on checking in that typhoon Rammasun, who just razed with deadly force through the Philippines, is expected to make landfall here tonight or tomorrow morning! Shit! They have just come to fill up my bathtub and brought me extra bottles of water as it could well be that power and water be disrupted when the typhoon comes blazing in…better brace myself. Looks like my Hong Kong meeting tomorrow is off the cards…

Light watch 5-117: I flew out from the brand new Shenzhen airport…brilliant design which makes extremely good use of daylighting! Designed by Italian Fuskas Architects, who won the competition even though they had never designed an airport before…good on them!








17. July 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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