The new office

Singapore, 10th June 2014

As we have moved into our new office we have also been looking at putting up some nice project images on the wall to give our office more of a design studio feel. The debate was of course whether to put up completed projects or concept design renderings. While we had some very nice completed project references I felt that renderings would be more representative and in line of the office ambience and the work that we do. We are a creative studio and therefore most of the time we are dealing with sketches, renderings CAD drawings etc, not with completed projects, these can be found on our website. Our renderings on top of that are of a very high standing and could be mistake for the real thing :).

After a long debate we selected a number of renderings from different applications that best represents us and the work we do. Our selection ultimately came down to hotel, resorts interiors and exteriors, retail lighting and corporate buildings, which represents about 70% of the work we do. It is not easy to make selections and it without being selective you may easily overdo it.  As always in life…keep it good and simple. It is not about the quantity but about the quality.

Light watch 5-97: Our selected concept renderings to decorate our new office… please come and visit us if you are in town!



PIE Jakarta

Raffles JKT

Rustan Mnla


10. June 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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