The beauty of light

Perth, 30th June 2014

After a private little break with my Alex in Sydney last week I am back at work in Perth…

What strikes me time and again when I am in Australia is the colour of the light. I am talking daytime of course and I am talking about the crispness of the light the hues, the blues, the colours…every country has their own as light always interacts with its surroundings. Light in Singapore is definitely different from Sydney, but Sydney and Perth are close. It of course have to do with the latitude and longitude of your position on earth and subsequently the angle of incidence under which the daylight (sunlight) travels through the atmosphere.

Singapore is practically on the equator (less then 100km north), while Sydney and Perth are both more than half way down to the South Pole! Hence light travels longer distances through our atmosphere in these places compared to Singapore. Light is nearly abstract as you cannot really grab it but you can see and feel its effect on your surrounding which effects greatly your mood. The light in Australia lifts me up, the light in Singapore does not. It feels nearly functional in Singapore while in Australia the (really) blue skies bring another element in the mix that most Asian countries can only dream off. We don’t have really blue skies in Singapore mostly as cities in Asia are so heavily polluted. But what people do not realise is that beside the health aspect, clear air and hence clear skies brings out the beauty of light and with that a sense of positive energy that we subconsciously relished…it lifts your spirits.

Light watch 5-105: See here what I mean…some of my mood shots where light plays an central role…













30. June 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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