Light Fair 4 – Las Vegas

Las Vegas – Singapore, 5th -7th June 2014

The thing with travelling the date line is that on your way back you lose a whole day, but as it turns out for me nearly 2 days! I left Vegas on Thursday morning after a very satisfying time during which I made many new friends, walked the fair, did my presentation, enjoyed the strip, saw Cirque du Soleil’s brilliant -O- show and even ended up with a handsome pay-out after a compulsory stop at the casino on my last night…I could not really leave Vegas without having set foot in a casino! I had planned to see the Pawn Stars (from History Channel) but did not get to it (A friend of mine did and manage to get his picture taken with one of the guys!). Neither did I manage to see all the famous hotels along the strip (Mirage, MGM, etc.). Vegas is of course mostly known for its casino strip (movie fame) and when you walk around it is obvious from everything around you that it is all about money and opulence…

As I write this it is 6am in the morning on Saturday 7th June while in transit in Tokio for my final leg to Singapore…after a smooth flight from Vegas to San Francisco, the trouble began as our plane for Tokio had mechanical issues causing massive delays. After a 4 hour waiting period (luckily I had lounge access) we made it to the taxiway only to be informed that problems were persisting and we had to return to the gate. After another 2 hour wait the flight was finally cancelled leaving everyone in a scramble to find alternative flights back. I managed to catch a flight to LA with onward connection to Tokio and Singapore. By the time I arrive in Singapore later I would have travelled, including all delays and transits, close to 40 hours (!), not really what I had in mind after my enjoyable time in Vegas. Is it the american airlines that seem to have these troubles with their planes? If not for business class and the lounges I would be absolutely nacked! While this was probably my “Last Vegas” what “Happened in Vegas does not stay in Vegas!” 🙂 .

Light watch 5-95: Las Vegas in pictures; a selection of the amazing opulent interiors as well as the strip at night

de Strip

strip 3

strip 2

strip 1


venetian 4

venetion 3

Paris & Planet Hollywood

Paris 1

strip 4


Bellagio 1

Bellagio 5

Cezar’s Palace

Cezars 7

Cezars 3


Wynn 1

wynn 5

Wynn 6

Wynn 4

Cirque du Soleil, preshow entertainment at the Bellagio Theatre

O 1

O 3

O 5Wynn win at the casino!

Wynn win

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