Light Fair 3 (Colour special)

Las Vegas, 4th June 2014

Before I show you my Las Vegas casino strip night time pictures, I want to finish of today first with one aspect that is being pursued by many with varying success…colour consistency, colour tuning and adjustable colour dimming for LED. Only a very few companies seem to master it, and for a change I would like to highlight them here specifically as they seem to be the ones leading the way. Two of them are what one would call technology brands in the way we speak about Xicato for instance. They have developed the technology filed the patents but are not selling their core components other than through major manufacturers.

LEDZWORLD is a Malaysia based LED manufacturer specialised in LED driver and dimming technology who have developed the technology to seamlessly dim LED’s in the same linear way we were used with halogen dimming. In other words from bright white light at 3000K to a soft warm glow at 1600K. What is special of their Chameleon technology is that it allows the LED lamps to be dimmed by any (!) dimming protocol. No longer do we have to be worried whether the dimmer system will be compatible with the LED lamp in terms of dimming. Specially in the residential and hospitality industry this will be welcome news as it allows to dim and create ambience settings as before

LUMENETIX is a relatively new kid on the block that have made headways with colour tuning. They developed a technology (Araya Colour Tuning Modules) by creating the white light by mixing 5 LED colours, a mix of Lime, Amber, Red, Green and Blue. By adding Lime and Amber they are able to reduce the blue content (the one that needs the most watts to create light) in the process increasing the efficiency and output. The other great advantage is that it basically eliminates the whole binning issue. Though they do not claim this (yet), the result seems to indicate it is equivalent to a 1 Mc Adam step! Lights can be seamlessly be programmed to all shades of white. Major brands have already adapted this technology in their products. I was duly impressed.

LUMENPOULSE has developed an algorithm in the selection of LED’s in the binning process (Lumenbin technology) that virtually assures consistent colour through life per product. The algorithm selects LEDs 2 or more LED’s from different bins to blend them together into the equivalent of one single bin colour. As the colour is no longer depended on a single bin selection it allows to recreate an consistent average colour said to be equivalent 3 Mc Adams step. The technology is also independent of LED brands and can be applied to any is my understanding.

Note: These are the one I saw, there maybe others and if so please comment and share.

Light watch 5-94: Interesting and exciting stuff…I must say that this all is IT technology driven, not much to do with lighting technology!









05. June 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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