Light Fair 2

Las Vegas, 3rd June 2014

Today the fair officially opened to the “public”. While seminars and courses have been going on since Sunday, the actual exhibition opened its door with an official ribbon cutting ceremony in the morning. A strong crowd was waiting to storm into the hall. This is only my second Light Fair, the previous one being more then 10 years ago, so my only main reference really is Light & Build in Frankfurt. Compared to the last time I attended LFI it has certainly grown in size but it is still nowhere near the enormity of Frankfurt.

It is also more “Americanised” if I can say so, with an enhanced focus on safety issues, quality standards, surprisingly (to me at least) a lot of attention to daylight harvesting and not surprisingly LED as THE one and only replacement solution for EVERYTHING. In order to do so the manufacturers resort to differentiating LED’s into specials, making the selection for the average Joe even more complicated. LEDs for health, LEDs for productivity, LEDs for relaxing and so on…as far as I can see the LEDs are technically all the same but with varieties in intensities, color or beam control. All in the name of being good for humanity…and of course a great marketing ploy…

Light watch 5-93: Here is my photo impression of the fair with some comments here and there…

– The crowd waiting to enter the fair in the morning


– Traditional lighting:  incandescent now rebranded as “specialty lighting”


– Switch to LED made easier..

– Marketing to the extreme!


– Lee correction filters for LED…we may need these to correct all the horrible LED colours we get!


– Soora with their magnetic snap on correction filters

20140603_113817c – LED GPS people tracking through light fittings; indoor location based services…Big Brother watching us now through lighting! Really, do we need this???


– LEDzworld, the only company (with their Chameleon dimming technology) that seems to be able to provide real and full dimming with active color control effectively reproducing halogen dimming features from bright white light to soft warm white within the same LED lamp…certainly leaders in their field!

Jan Kemeling from LEDZworld explaining the new technology to Paul James from Mondo Arc…spreading the word through professional magazines like Mondo Arc is really important for the lighting fraternity…

– Daylight harvesting, now combined with Integrated LED lights to complement lighting in darker days

– Recycling…not very common, but will all conventional lighting redundancy possibly a huge market for the next coming years! Do we ever include recycling as part of our recommendations in a renovation job?

– Of course they are present, your Asian/Chinese lighting manufactures…but not as much as in Frankfurt


– Lighting for health, marketing playing on your mind


– Las Vegas lights of course!


– Still some soldiers marching on with Plasma lighting and Induction lighting; they feel there is still a big market in the high performance applications



– Me ending the day with my presentation at the Spotlight lounge


04. June 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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