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Singapore- Las Vegas, 2nd June 2014

I am on my way! After a fruitful and enjoyable stay in Perth I have embarked on my long voyage to Las Vegas where I will be attending the Light Fair 2014. I am an invited speaker, so if you are there and want to come and listen to my story, I am on tomorrow 3rd June at 4pm in the main hall I believe. As I start writing my blog I am in transit in Tokio en route to San Francisco and onwards to Las Vegas. I had a brief transit in Singapore over the weekend but am now truly on my way. I nearly did not make it as on check in this morning I realised I had not applied for my visa waiver…just shows how rarely I travel to the US! With that assistance of the check in personnel and the wonders of internet on your mobile phone, I managed to apply right there and then and obtained my visa waiver approval with just minutes to spare…phew…I should have known that no one enters the USA without any form of prior checking!

For a change I fly with United, still Star Alliance but once you are used to the spaciousness of Singapore airlines it is a bit of a readjustment. Yes still the sleeper chairs, but where Singapore Airlines has 4 or 6 crosswise, United manages to cram 8 seats…hmmm, anyhow still comfortable… The San Francisco transit was a nightmare with a couple of planes unloading at the same time creating an absolute havoc at immigration. It took me 45 mins to go through and that was with jumping queues to beat my boarding time. Again I managed to board (of course the gate was at the far end!) with minutes to spare, sweating and puffing from the effort as I was carrying an additional 15 kg of my books with me!

Las Vegas welcomed me with a sweltering 37 degree Celsius…argh 🙂 ! I have now checked into my hotel just across from the Convention Center where the Light Fair is being held. I popped in to pick up my speaker badge and have a feel of the venue…tomorrow we start.

Light Watch 5-92: Impressions of Narrita and San Francisco terminals, then the unmistaken gambling machines awaiting you on arrival in Las Vegas and the convention centre where LFI is being held…maybe I may still have time to see one of Las Vegas’ famous shows?








03. June 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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