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Yangshuo, 16th June 2014

As I have arrived in Yangshuo for a project coordination meeting deep in the Guilin Mountains, famous for its depiction on many Chinese paintings and the back of the 20 dollar RMB banknote, I just want to share one of those emails I receive daily, mostly from China. This one came in repetitively over the last few days. Some of you may have received the same. The interesting part is that even in their emails they are getting more sophisticated going to great length explaining why they are better than others and why others are so cheap…! They are starting to talk our talk!

There is no way of telling if their products indeed are as good as they claim, they may well be, who knows. Just as a warning; the email was signed off by a certain Lemon, let’s hope their products are no lemons!

Light watch 5-101:
The email in its full unedited form…

Dear Sir/Madam,

How are you. Nice email to you, I get your contact from the Internet. Hereby please let me briefly introduce our factory to you. It located in Shenzhen the heart of China’s LED lights industry centre. In here there are more than two thousand LED lights factories and thousands of LED lights trade companies. So it’s hard for you to choose some good LED lights suppliers. We are not big LED lights factory, but in quality of LED lights said, our LED lights quality is in the first class among two thousand factories. Starting established we main OEM for other good LED lights factories also including big listed company  . It  built by two top LED lights technicians. In the beginning  investment is not enough so we chosed OEM for other  LED factories at first. Now I think it’s  time for us  direct to do business with foreign customers to purpose  reduce intermediate cost.

We initial  focusing on the ceramic LED lights and Tube LED lights research and production. but now also do  any related products if you need to. The ceramic LED lights more beautiful and more safety. As we knew the heat dissipation impacts the  LED lights application and life. The ceramic LED lights radiant dissipation more better than aluminum conduction dissipation. making LED lights life more longer. A lot of  LED lights from Zhongshan of Guangdong and others suppliers supply cheap ones, ( like with plastic or aluminum materials ) After one years used. the bad quality lights lumen decay is about 20%, two years later is 30% – 50%. But ours is 5%-10%. that’s the different
Doing LED lights looks very easy,but do very well it’s not easy. We just do the very good quality products. And we also do customized lights as you ask. I  hope you can think it about to start a new business relationship with us , We’ll do our best to satisfy you.

I think I’ve said lot, thanks for your patience reading, if you have anything to know, Please don’t hesitate  let me to know, thanks


16. June 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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