Singapore, 8th May 2014

Scheduling your time is probably one of the most challenging things in running a practice like ours. For some reason (now that I want to feel semi-retired 🙂 ) I seem to be busier then ever with a very hectic schedule planned over the next 6 weeks which will see me go from Singapore to Qatar then on to China, Indonesia, Australia, the US (Light Fair) and back to China before I may have some breathing space… Now that my schedule and meeting dates have all been confirmed over the last few days, something that is less obvious then you may think thanks to conflicting demands from various clients, I can focus on filling in the dots which means making sure I am prepared for all the meetings and presentations I am up for. Not only that, I also have to make sure that any involvement/input from my part outside my travelling in deliverables to our clients by the agreed deadlines over this period is being factored in my timing.

Thanks to my brilliant new assistant who really takes a load of my shoulders, I can delegate a lot of this planning and organising to her, freeing up time for myself to work on the various tasks I need to complete before or just for these trips. Now that the office has moved to a new location I have decided to maintain a small skeleton office at my apartment in Singapore to allow me to work from there away from the office hustle and focus on the work at hand without the usual office disturbances. So I will keep this blog a bit shorter then usual and get on with some other pressing matters. But as you can see I keep committed to my blog despite all the scheduling challenges…

Light Watch 5-77: As I will be traveling I will be sitting in many different conference and meeting facilities…from corporate offices to your typical site office, some more rudimentary then others 🙂








08. May 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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