Perth, 28th May 2014

Sometimes you have to do the extra mile to satisfy the project team and ultimately your client. I spent a good part of the day converting my concept presentation into a report format that will find its way to the client later. The report is combining all consultants inputs in a readable format so that the big bosses, who have no time in this particular project to attend our presentations in person. We have met and presented to their project director in charge but even though she may approve it, the final direction in regards to concept approval and associated budgets will come from the top.

My problem is that my presentations are very visual and the information that is needed in support of the images is in my mind…I know what needs to be done, I know what needs to be achieved and I know what pitfalls to avoid. All good and well when you do the presentation yourself but a bit more complicated when you have to bind it into a report. Without my verbal explanations it may not be that clear to the uninitiated so to speak. Big bosses tend to look at the bottom line and are not really interested in aesthetic issues, as long as the capital costs needed to realise the project will earn back the investment sooner rather than later. It’s all about dollars and cents. So I ended up converting my presentation that uses black backgrounds to better bring out the lighting effects into a white A4 report format (thank God in landscape format at least). The more challenging part was the narrative part to explain in simple words what the design intent and direction is of my design…I managed and I think it came out well, but it was really an extra mile that I had to do to reach there…

Light Watch 5-90: While I am enjoying my lighting in Perth here in the West, the East Coast is enjoying the Vivid Sydney festival of music art and light. I will be in Sydney next month but will just miss the event. Here are some pictures that I googled…timthumb







28. May 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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