Professional hazards

Perth, 29th May 2014

It is fast approaching winter in Perth which brings along early darkness and late sunrises. Now on my early morning walk (normally somewhere between 7 and 8 in the morning) the sun just comes up and the cold night slowly evaporates in the morning sun creating a little “haze” over the river together with the twinkling of the water drops of trees, grass and other.

The professional hazard that we lighting designers are confronted with (at least I am regularly) is when we drive at night. I was reminded of that tonight on my way back home when I nearly drove my car into sidewalk while looking at the new lighting of a nearby shopping centre slated for opening in the next few months! A last minute reaction avoided a collision with a street light! It is something that surely many of my colleagues fall foul off. We observe, specifically at night, the illuminated world around us in the hope to see something new, something creative and well done that we can learn from and perhaps reapply in a different form in one of our projects. We learn from the good and the bad by looking around and that’s why every professional designer is exposed to hazards of the profession, regardless what he is doing! To all driving lighting professionals, watch where you are driving!

Light Watch 5-91: Here is to nature and how the early morning sun and the late night fireplace at Perth’s famous Alfred’s Kitchen where people queue up to enjoy a soup and burgers inspires us to great things in lighting…








29. May 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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