Shanghai, 21St May 2014

One of the things you can’t escape in China’s big cities is the pollution. It’s quite scary and I must say that despite that I like coming to Shanghai I thank God I am not living there! Supposedly nice weather during my stay, I could feel the sunshine but not actually see it! A slightly lighter patch in the sky indicated where the sun was supposed to be, but the smog created a grey blanket over the city. The temperature was gorgeous in the mid-twenties, but to me the greyness was quite depressing. It is hard to imagine that there are people in these cities that only see concrete and rarely experience clear blue skies!

Ironically China is the biggest producer of solar systems but the pollution renders these systems fairly useless. Many solar systems available in the market come from or are produced in China, some of them with enormous government subsidies. That obviously affects quality and competitiveness. Solar should have a great future but with big cities more and more suffering from pollution, the irony is that it is more the country side profiting then the big cities where the biggest population could contribute to energy saving. One conspiracy theory has it that the electrical companies could be behind the pollution to keep people dependent on electricity…

Light Watch 5-85: More and more clever integration concepts are being developed for solar panels to make them part of architectural design rather than ugly stand alone structures







22. May 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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