Jakarta, 22nd May 2014

From pollution to traffic jam, the world is certainly not perfect and travelling as I do, brings me from one extreme to another. It took me well over 2 hours to reach my hotel from the airport in Jakarta today! Again hard to imagine how people can live this way. Some people take 2-3 hours daily to reach their work! My meeting location tomorrow may take me 45 min or 2 hours to reach, who knows…traffic is extremely unpredictable. It makes you appreciate the good things in life even more!

I spent most of my time today going through one of our hotel project with the operator where phase 1 on the ground floor has been completely renovated and operational for the last 4-5 months.  It is only after using the various spaces for a few months that you get a feel of what is working and what not, what needs a bit tweaking and what just works fine. The visit was already agreed long time ago and despite that their own team had been working on ironing out the little short comings, they needed “the expert” to help them detail the right solutions and corrections.

It is in these moments that you realise how much experience you have because on issues that they had been struggling to resolve themselves you are able to give them the solution in a wink. That is 35 years of experience bottled up in that single moment when the client ask you what you think should be done…when you give them the solution it’s like, yes of course! That is why we wanted you to come J

Light Watch 5-86: Afterwards I had the pleasure in having my dinner in the All-Day-Dining restaurant and experience my own lighting design at work..20140522_203849c








23. May 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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