A liveable world?

Bandung- Singapore, 7th May 2014

Before returning to Singapore I spent some time to assess the progress of the works on site. Discussing in meetings is one thing but physically looking at what is going on is another story. Our meeting place a bit further up the road from the actual site, we can see the building in the distance…The client keeps saying some works on site are nearly completed, that we can’t change anything etc., but on closer inspection on site the soup is not eaten as hot as it is being served as the saying goes. It appears there is still a lot of room to move things around. Ceilings are not all closed up as was being said, wall and column claddings have still some time ahead before they get done, so even the proposal of some extra wall sconces can still be executed without upsetting the construction  schedule.

Anyhow the whole schedule seems to be a bit of a castle in the clouds. When I got into this project earlier this year the target completion date was give as 6 months from then sometimes inn September, but new consultants (signage, security, etc) are still been added to the team all with added impact in relation to changes required. Specifically security guys I feel are upsetting, with all the terrorism going on in the world it feels like there is a undue pressure expressed by them to make sure all is safe and secure sometime bordering to the extreme if you ask me…point is however that operators, in order to secure corporate guests, need to thick all the security boxes to be maintained on the accepted list of venues, such is nowadays the demand of the corporate world, not in the least spurred by these security consultants. And it affects lighting too! Need to see this, need to have enough lighting level there…really? What world are we living in? Is it still a liveable world? It seems to be dictated by security and sustainability nowadays…no more room for just a simple human environment to enjoy 🙁

Light Watch 5-76: I woke up to a beautiful sunrise striking my bed…here are some images of the day…the projects we work on are indelibly linked to the country and the culture they are in…














07. May 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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