Singapore, 5th May 2014

Aged to perfection was one of the birthday cards I received on Saturday…Well I don’t want to claim I am perfect, but age certainly brings along heaps of experience, that’s for sure. I read somewhere a statement saying 60 means 18 with 42 years of experience…sometimes I feel that way! And now that I have reached this milestone (I am now technically retired by the way, according to Dutch law), there is a sense of peace and contentment that has set in. I don’t have to prove anything to anybody; I have earned my stripes and my place in the lighting fraternity among many other great lighting designers. I have earned the right to do what I want…I worked hard for it!

It is a stage where I can focus on maturing my business into a quality service; with a great team that can carry the torch forward. I am still passionate about lighting, lighting design, about my work and keeping myself active to keep my mind alert and up to date. For the longer run I will however pace myself and leave the running to the younger generation in my team. This now is about enjoying what I do (not stressing!) and passing on as much knowledge as I can to those around me. My blog is a great tool for this and has also created a whole community of friends who follow me and share their thoughts with me! Thanks to you all!

While I share these birthday reflections with you, I did have a full on day today to make sure my presentation for tomorrows consultants meeting in Indonesia goes well. No slowing down yet with trips to Indonesia, Qatar, China, Australia and the US planned for the next 4 weeks!

Light Watch 5-74: Having had all my children, my close and dear friends around me on for this occasion was certainly one of the most treasurable things. Feeling surrounded with love and affection beats any material gift. I am looking forward to the next stage of my life, I am certainly still roaring with energy and full of plans! 🙂



05. May 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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