Thousand and one litte things

Singapore, 17th April 2014

As we are about to start a long Easter Weekend with Good Friday tomorrow, I reflect on a day in which I have done a thousand and one things without really having the satisfied feeling of having accomplished or completed a lot. The contrary is probably true as it is exactly these thousand and one things that I had to do that have been nagging me over the last week or so since returning from Europe. Because they are small little things you tend to push them aside for later but in the end they all pile up and become a real obsession to do. There is never a better time then now is one of my motto’s when it comes to making a decision to do things and while I had been pushing it forward for days today turned out to be the day to clear (most of) them.

I won’t bother you with the details, but perhaps my blog can help you reflect on your own day and think about all the “little” things (lighting or not) that you managed to clear out of the way today. The thing with being busy with seemingly nothing is that the big thinks remain on your desk. It is not that I did not want to work on them but just that all these little things seemed to take over in terms of sudden priority…phone calls, meetings, urgent administrative paperwork and project emails, unexpected meetings and so on… and for once, with the long weekend ahead, I am planning NOT to work as I usually do during these weekends, so I imposed a sort of virtual deadline to myself to get some stuff out of the way before tomorrow. On Monday a long day of tender interviews awaits me…better enjoy the long weekend while I can 🙂

Light Watch 5-63: Whatever you will be doing this long weekend, a dinner or other, have fun and just while you are at it, look at the lighting…perhaps you will find something inspiring …







17. April 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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