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Singapore, 15th April 2014

This is and always shall be a sensitive subject. We all reach a stage in our design process where we have to actually specify the light fittings for our project. Today is such day where I am combing through some lighting specifications that we are about to submit for one of our projects. The selection process of light fittings is driven by many factors.

First some of the light fittings or systems are a given right from the start; we design around them because of their appeal, their specific performance, physical appearance or lighting effect. They are a feature by themselves and we therefore introduce the fixture already in the concept stages and develop its use and application along the way. The specification is then a given because it’s an integral part of the concept and alternatives are unlikely to have the same impact.

Then there are the light fittings, generally architectural and technical, that are generic at the time of concept but which at some point in the process needs to be converted into an actual product specification. We have our range of preferred and proven brands and product suppliers with whom we have worked in the past and which we know deliver the quality in both product and services. I note that we apply equal importance to the quality of a product as to the (local) supplier’s ability to service both product and client. In our opinion the product is as good as the people who service it.

However in our world of lighting design there is a perception that if you insist (too) strongly on a specific brand and/or supplier in your specifications you must be in with the supplier or manufacturer. As a professional lighting designer we cannot have our specifications or judgements clouded by such alliance. While we pride ourselves on our excellent relationships with the suppliers and manufacturers we work with, we make sure that our specifications are open and professional.

Light Watch 5-61: While we are working our brains on the final light fitting selections, work on site just keeps going. With today’s mobile phone on board camera’s and the internet, you can update the whole project team on the site progress in virtual reality. We just received some of the pics below from one of our projects, we can actually see the power point provisions for our lighting…

b  c block c

B & C courtyard from Topc

B Block 3c

B Block 5c


Main Poolc

15. April 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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