Singapore, 25rd April 2014

Tomorrow is M- Day…after a bit more than 3 years it is time to Move to a bigger and better office. To minimise disruption to our clients we have decided that M-Day should be this Saturday but as you can imagine the organisation has been going on for a while. We had been monitoring the growth of our project port-folio and the related need for staff and space capacity since late last year and at the beginning of this year it became clear that the growth was sustained and that moving was warranted to allow us to keep providing our services to the expected quality to our clients.

Our new office is nearly twice as big with some room for expansion located on the first floor of a typical Singaporean shop house right in the heart of Katong at the East Coast of Singapore. Katong also means that we will be well provided with eating places with the Katong Laksa being its most famous dish. Katong has been designated as the new hotspot in town; a brand new shopping mall opened here last year and both new and renovated shops are sprouting up all the time. We are looking forward and are excited to move to this new trendy area.

Moving undeniably brings along its mixture of stress and excitement with always far more things to handle than you expect together with the necessary setbacks and disappointments to happen despite all the preplanning that goes into it, but all in all we seem to be on track for a smooth move tomorrow. We are putting the last hand to packing; the new office is all done and ready to receive us and become our home in the next stretch into the exciting future of our lighting design practice! Come visit us when you are in Singapore!

Light Watch 5-69: On the move! In many countries truckers go to great extent to put some extra attention to decorating their trucks. In Japan some even illuminate them!






25. April 2014 by Martin Klaasen
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